About Us

Bourquin Printers and Signs was established in 1998 as the brainchild of Abbotsford entrepreneur Jake Sidhu. Since a very young age, Jake had been taught that integrity, a strong work ethic and pride in what you do are building blocks for success. To that end, Jake became a driven and business-oriented person, opting for work instead of play, laboring for a better tomorrow for himself and those around him. Throughout his early career, while still attending high school, he worked in many different fields ranging from farm work, janitorial work, pizza deliveries and the like, hoping to accumulate enough wealth to one day open his own business and start working for himself.

When it first opened, Bourquin Printers was located on South Fraser Way, Abbotsford’s bustling thoroughfare in Bourquin Plaza on the second floor. Months of advertising, word-of-mouth, and hard work yielded a trickle of business. But once Jake’s reputation of excellent service and fair prices took hold, that trickle became a stream. A year had passed and work was flowing in -- more employees and equipment filled the need, but space was quickly becoming an issue.

After a few years, a vacancy opened up on the main floor of the plaza. Jumping to the opportunity, Jake expanded and relocated to a storefront on the main floor. Utilizing the space to his advantage, and taking note of customer’s needs, Jake added a sign shop to complement the print shop, renaming the business to Bourquin Printers and Signs.

In 2007, Jake expanded Bourquin Printers & Signs once again and moved it to its current location on Peardonville Road in the Bridge Lane Industrial Park, and progressed to a more business-oriented service. Finally, in 2008, Jake’s latest acquisition, Woodline Trophies and Awards, joined Bourquin Printers & Signs in an adjoining part of the building.

Today, Bourquin Printers stands as the pinnacle of integrity and professionalism in its market. It has been open for 12 years, and Jake’s commitment to customer service is still as alive as ever, with Bourquin Printers & Signs unvarying goal being quick, efficient service that caters to the customer’s whim. Our testimonial is in our work, the awards we proudly display, and the customers that return every day to experience Jake’s renowned attitude towards clientele and the projects they want to complete. All this from an entrepreneurial spirit, a little adversity, a charitable nature, and a can-do attitude, speaks wonders about the shop, its owner, and its employees.

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